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Kimistry Marketing Group is a boutique events and marketing agency focused on creating organic, unique and engaging activations. With over twenty years experience in the hospitality, marketing and entertainment industry, KMG specializes in small to large scale productions for consumer and celebrity driven clientele. 

From the conceptualization stage through post event wrap up, Kimistry Marketing Group provides a full service engagement. KMG works closely with its clients to understand the scope and vision of the project. Utilizing creative mojo and personality, KMG can not only formulate a custom theme, design and decor for a venue, but also source vendors, talent, partners and sponsorships. 

KMG believes in creating good, healthy chemistry. Understanding that each client will have its own unique DNA, Kimistry Marketing Group embeds the culture of its clients into experiential experiences for the end user. By designing true to form programming that resonates virally through social media, KMG infuses traditional and nontraditional marketing techniques. 

Your brand is your story. KMG works diligently with its clients and partners to ensure the story is being told in a way that is not only connecting with the customer, but is evolving with the industry. As the industry evolves, so does the KMG formula. Technology is a necessary element for Kimistry Marketing Group as social media, video and photography platforms are not add-ons, they are the baseline standard.  

For Kimistry Marketing Group, event marketing is not rocket science, it's the core nucleus and the passion of the company. It is what moves, shapes and forms a kinetic energy that transforms ideas, visions and dreams into a tangible reality creating pure magic! 







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a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.












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